Why The Hell Are You Here? | Britnee Alphin
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Why The Hell Are You Here?

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Why The Hell Are You Here?

This is the constant question that we ask ourselves on a daily basis. Why the hell are you here? What is your purpose on earth? Why did God say hey, let’s throw Steve on earth and see what he can do? What made us more special than the aborted, miscarried, or murdered humans?

I’ll tell you what makes YOU special…

You have a purpose that is greater than you can even imagine.


So when I was a kid , I used to bug people and ask them a ton of questions. I was not the “why” or “how come” kid, I was the kid that challenged adults way of thinking. I asked “why is your way the best way”, “have you tried it this way”, “what about it is unsafe”, etc. My mouth always got me in trouble! I never accepted no for the last answer, I needed to know more. That trend has continued in my life and I still ask more questions. I want to know the origin, the root, the purpose and the result. This is just one of the reasons why I loved working as a Case Aide. I came up with tactful ways to break down the shells of some of the toughest people: the homeless. I made some amazing relationships and bonds with the people you drive past everyday. I got to them and understood a little bit about why the cycle of homelessness is happeneing.

That is my purpose! To understand people, help people, and make people smile. Everything I do and am passionate about reflects that:

  • Portrait Photographer: the final edited images make people smile
  • Blogging: apparently, I’m a comedian
  • Homeless advocate (in-training): helping end a treacherous cycle
  • Wife: containing my craziness to ONE man so y’all won’t have to endure it
  • Writer: brings people closure, understanding, and growth
  • Believer & missionary of God: helping brings souls to Christ
  • Aspiring Mentor: helping lead children and young adults down a positive path

There are some other things that I am passionate about BUT I can’t reveal them just yet.


I want you to understand something… You are a LOT more powerful than you think. And I don’t mean powerful in a controlling manner, I mean powerful as in your abilities. You are the only person holding you back. Money can be gotten any type of way (legally) and there are ways around hardships. I am not where I should be because of fear! I am scared to my core to take a leap of faith and do my profession full time. I did it in the past and I ended up evicted with my tribe and in a state of mind that God couldn’t even get through. The difference then is, I didn’t have a plan. I have a plan now BUT because of the fact that I had that experience, I am traumatized to try again. Eventually, I will have to take that leap because fear and I only mingle for so long. I mean I completed the Rugged Maniac and was scared until I started going through the courses. My fearless personality kicked in… now if it could kick in and bring my ballsie personality with it, I’d be SET!


Don’t be like me! BE BETTER. Don’t allow fear or your thoughts to hold you back from your purpose! I understand why I am here and what I’m supposed to do. It is a LOT of pressure but I will handle it. Right now I’m just preparing myself for level 2. I believe that preparation is the BEST step because it builds character and it unlocks what you are truly capable of. Do you understand your abilities? Do you know what your purpose is? Do you even understand why you’re here? Do you know your purpose but don’t know what to do next? I GOT YOU!


Download my FREE eBook ‘Defining Your Purpose’ (Click Here) and get some insights for finding your purpose, getting to the next level, and managing the information about your purpose! You have so much more in you and I just want you to get to a point where you are walking in your purpose. Be you, unapologetically and successfully!

With Love,

Britnee A.