Victory is MINE! | Britnee Alphin
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Victory is MINE!

Victory is MINE!



Typically when someone has an anniversary, they go to this fancy ass restaurant with their partner and they dine, drink wine, and just giggle about the year(s) of marriage that they shared together. NOT MY TRIBE! Our day was spent doing the most basic thing, arguing (the modern day Pam and Martin), and disciplining our son, Mighty Mouth Chayden. Well, breakfast began at Café + Velo and we were extremely satisfied and pissed about that place (click the link to find out why). THEN we decided to go to Zoo Atlanta for the first time and between the parking lot having construction going on (typical Atlanta), the zoo was PACKED! We drove past it and decided no zoo that day. Mind you we were in the middle of a hurricane just as we were a year ago for our wedding! I wasn’t prepared to see animals in rainy, muggy conditions. We argued about money (usual) and poor planning for that day as we pumped gas and hiked to Loganville for possible adventure #2. Where did we end up you ask? CORN DAWGS CORN MAZE! Now how the hell did a germaphob, city chick and her two pretty boys end up at a muddy, muggy, rain filled corn maze? SATAN! That’s who. See, I had this day planned out with times to depart and arrive at each location and because of my nickel-diming husband, we didn’t do any of what we agreed on. After that waste of $25.00 (Chayden played in ONE area and fussed at everything else), we ended up back home where my son watched TV, my husband slept and I caught up on my social media liking spree.

After much arguing to and from Target, a failed babysitting attempt, and a Benadryl-drunk child, we made our way to Victory Sandwich Bar at 11 pm at night. Yes, Chayden came with us on our anniversary dinner date to our ‘fancy ass restaurant’! We pulled up to the Decatur late night spot and couldn’t believe the sight. It was BEAUTIFUL! The outdoor patio was PACKED with people and they were just as jolly as ever. We walked inside into what looked like a dark, chic décor with industrial influence all up and through the place! We sat ourselves and took in the beautiful ambiance. Our server popped up at our table and I don’t think he knew what kind of table he was about to have.

If you know me then you’d know I am the shyest person you’ll ever meet! Well when it comes to food, eating food, making food, tasting food, prepping food, or anything FOOD (not throwing it away) I become a different person! I am the friendliest, jokester you could ever know.

Well, I was being my normal, goofy, food self and our server was just uncomfortably laughing and looking at me hold my Benadryl-drunk toddler with the most confused face ever! My husband and I are so used to lugging our son around everywhere that we never noticed how awkward it looks having our kid out super late while he is passed out at a BAR! My husband ordered his beer and I ordered myself a tall glass of water.

— Here’s where things get exciting—

IT’S FOOD ORDERING TIME! At this point, our fragile server learned how excited I was about food and he started to loosen up. My husband ordered some meat filled sandwich and I ordered RAMEN (again, if you KNOW me you’d KNOW I will eat Ramen with Oprah’s paycheck in my bank account any day of the week honey. I LOVE Ramen!) and the Asian salad. Now the server explained to me what ‘cold Ramen’ was and my taste buds were like ‘oh nah hoe, order something else’ but I tried it anyway… and I am GLAD I did!

After that first bite… I deemed Victory Sandwich Bar to be DECATUR’S BEST LATE NIGHT SPOT!

That Ramen was AWF THE CHAIN! I mean I had never in my 25 years of life tasted something so demonically good. Oh My LORT! It was like Jesus was blessing all the trap dudes in my mouth! It was so good I literally danced (another ‘if you know me then’ moment. I dance when I eat) the entire time I ate it! The salad was Heaven too. I was just a happy fat girl. Then dessert happened… We ordered a chocolate chip cookie and Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake… BRUH! I spoke in tongues for the first time in my ENTIRE life! I literally was filled with the Holy Food Spirit and I had a Black Baptist Church (there is a difference, trust me) moment in that restaurant. You would’ve thought I was drunk or something! It was so good.

Listen do yourself a favor and go to VICTORY SANDWICH BAR! The food is inexpensive and so damn good. For my next trip, I am going to try the Popcorn, Hummus, Ramen (again), and Pimento Jar minus the bacon jam. I was nice and dropped the menu below… YOUR WELCOME!

I visited the Victory Sandwich Bar on Church Street in Decatur. It is SO worth it!

(Click menus to enlarge)