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True Food Kitchen

Eat Pose Voyage ©- True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen

This was ALL my husband’s idea…


It is RARE that my husband and I have time to spend together without our little chico. He is typically working in the afternoon or off when I am at work, so we cross paths enough to kiss and go to sleep. Well… my in-laws decided to watch our son this weekend and my husband, being the extra man that he is, planned a date night for us. Now I warned you all that my husband was cheap BUT he is also extra, so when he told me to look cute I immediately knew he was up to no good! In his mind, he has to top whatever I do for him. Last week I finally got him the clippers he wanted and I heard him complaining about his screen protector on his phone, so I got him a new one. That competitive person in him decided that THAT was a gesture of war and he HAD to top it…


Saturday night came. I did as he told me and I got “cute”. I went through numerous outfits and many trips to TJ Maxx and FINALLY raided my mom’s closet for something cute. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going so I didn’t even know if I was over or under dressed. Once we got in the car, I was super nervous. Typically when my husband surprises me it is over the top (like his proposal). I was already on edge and hungry so I was even more anxious than I typically am for our dates. The only clue he gave me was that we both had never been there before. Surely enough when my thrifty husband pulled up to Lenox Mall I KNEW he had hit his head and his body was being taken over by an insane person!


We parked in front of a meat restaurant and I thought he was being funny so I just went along with it because at this point I was clueless. As we walked PAST the meat restaurant to the restaurant next door I IMMEDIATLY lit up with joy and excitement. He was taking me to True Food Kitchen. I was so excited because I wanted to visit the restaurant; it was on my bucket list for 2017. The atmosphere from the walkway to the door to the host stand was so awesome! I felt like I was in a vegetarian paradise with sprinkles of organic wonder and farm fresh aromas. I was in pure heaven… and I will admit it… my husband did GOOD!


The best part… The menu.


I started with a Sparkling Antioxidant Tea (organic iced green tea, pomegranate, and lemon) for my drink and we devoured the Herb Hummus. The dish was so amazing, it was Greek salad with feta served with grilled pita bread. I then battled with the entire menu because everything looked so amazing! I couldn’t decided between the T.L.T (smoked tempeh, butter lettuce, tomato, avocado and vegan mayonnaise) or the Inside Out Quinoa Burger (hummus, tzatziki, tomato, cucumber, red onion, avocado, and feta). Well after much debate, I went with the inside Out Burger. It was so amazing! I am a super texture person and can’t stand quinoa (amongst other things) BUT this burger changed that for me. It was cooked so awesomely and the flavors all worked together to produce an adventure in my mouth!


This restaurant is a scratch-bar. This means that if they can’t make it in the kitchen your order ain’t happening (example- Sprite to drink)! Everything on the menu looked so amazing. It is not 100% vegetarian BUT there are MANY vegetarian options that are tasty. I enjoyed the service, the atmosphere and the food. I have already decided that I will be making trips there for my lunch break during the week. It’s THAT good!

Visit True Food Kitchen Atlanta. They are at Lenox Mall near Macy’s. Try a dish or two and taste the difference with this healthy alternative! You will NOT be disappointed!

Eat Pose Voyage ©- True Food Kitchen


Eat Pose Voyage ©- True Food KitchenEat Pose Voyage ©- True Food Kitchen Eat Pose Voyage ©- True Food Kitchen Eat Pose Voyage ©- True Food Kitchen Eat Pose Voyage ©- True Food Kitchen Eat Pose Voyage ©- True Food Kitchen