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Eat Pose Voyage ©- PCOS Bolt 5K Race


Lately, the effects of my PCOS in regards to infertility have really been bothering me. It has bothered me so much that I am currently in a depressing funk that won’t go away. A few months ago, my doctor put me on a birth control that I had been on in the past. It worked wonders for me in high school and even worked for a while after I gave birth. Well, as of late I have had many complications. Fatigue is kicking my butt  BAD, my depression is running my life, and I bleed twice a month for at least a week at a time. It’s frustrating and annoying to have to deal with this constant up and down, emotional rollercoaster that other people don’t understand. It sucks to see every woman around you pregnant with their second, third, and fourth beautiful baby girl or boy. It sucks seeing everyone else getting promotions at work, excelling in their businesses, buying homes, buying new cars, and traveling the world. It sucks to see people losing weight left and right and just really smiling and meaning it. My emotions don’t take away from my genuine excitement for other people but it makes me feel like a bag of shit when I look at the same four walls I’ve looked at in high school because I am BACK at my mom’s house, now with a child and a husband. The bag of poo just gets bigger and bigger when you add that I am at a job that makes me feel unimportant and unappreciated, my bank account consists of bills coming out, binge eating to fill the depressing void, and more bills. Oh and let’s not forget that each month I receive a new bill collector calling my phone asking me to add another bill to my plate. Thank GOD for my husband, comedic son, and the PCOS Challenge Support Group.


These whirlwind emotions have been daunting me for weeks now. I’ve been snappy with my husband and distant from social media because I started to get sick of the world doing good while I was struggling. I decided to hop on Instagram and read some blogs that would surely help break my funk or make me feel a tad bit better. My first stop, Coach Shelby (@pcos_support_girl). I always love reading Shelby’s posts because she keeps it real and makes my PCOS Drama Queen moment seem so tiny compared to the big picture. I saw that there was a PCOS 5K race happening and I needed a 5K for September. I read a little bit more about the race and signed myself up. It was an opportunity for me to be surrounded by other women who go through the same emotional spells that I go through and deal with the same things that I deal with.


September 17th rolls around and as I was driving to the race, I felt a little happiness come out of me. I was actually looking forward to meeting new people and meeting Shelby! When my tribe and I got to the race, I spotted Shelby and made it my mission to talk to her. Three shy attempts and a failed fourth attempt later, I decided that I was going to muster up some balls and ask for a picture. I got a picture but before that Shelby hugged me. That hug was exactly what I needed. I needed reassurance, attention, and for someone to make me feel like they see me. She managed to conquer all of that with just that hug.


The race began and it was a beautiful run through Georgia Tech. Now, the organizers of this race were DEAD WRONG for having us run up a mock Stone Mountain during that 5K. Chile I got to the top of that hill, and looked at those volunteers and told them that the hill was suicide! They laughed so hard and assured me that I was almost done. 44 minutes later, I crossed the finish line with cameras everywhere, cheerleaders, high fives, and encouragement to finish strong. BEST FEELING EVER! I’ve ran MANY races but NO race was like this one. It wasn’t a race to see who would finish first or who was the most fit. It was about women running for a cause to overcome PCOS and bring awareness. I was extremely overjoyed and honored to be running with women and their families that strived to complete the race.


Thank you to the women of Omega Phi Alpha Nu at Georgia Tech for putting this together. Thank you PCOS Challenge for your efforts and thank everyone who participated in the Symposium and the 5K Race. This has been an amazing experience and has brought so much clarity to what PCOS is and how you can enjoy life in spite of it all.


Get active, Get Informed and stay EDUCATED! Remember in September we were TEAL!


Eat Pose Voyage ©- PCOS Bolt 5K RaceEat Pose Voyage ©- PCOS Bolt 5K RaceEat Pose Voyage ©- PCOS Bolt 5K Race