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Run Forest RUN!

Eat Pose Voyage ©- Jet Jones Foundation

Run Forest RUN!

Lately, I have been this super spontaneous person! This month has gone by so fast that I forgot to sign up for my July 5K Run. Friday was a slow day at my job so I started browsing the internet…

Now before I give Google ALL the credit, it wasn’t JUST Google that led me to the Jet Jones Foundation. I received an email from The B Firm a couple of days ago in regards to the Party for a Purpose event. I met Erica Dias, Co-Owner, at the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Event earlier this year so when I received the email the other day I was pretty excited! I did my homework on the B Firm a WHILE before I attended the hair show so I already knew who Erica was via the Internet. When she asked me who I was taking pictures for, I knew she thought I was a nutcase because I was so in awe that I was talking to her. No, she isn’t this super celebrity BUT being a recent Marketing and PR graduate, I admired her in a professional way!


When I saw the Jet Jones Foundation 5K Walk/Run I KNEW I had to give it a shot. Well I made that choice on Friday and the race was on Sunday… Mind you the last time I went to the gym it was Father’s day… In June… It’s JULY damn near August! I was absolutely not physically prepared for my July 5K challenge but I couldn’t put it off so I registered.


I was excited to participate because it is the FIRST 5K that the foundation held. I love being a part of history so I decided to support the vision. I also LOVE Yellow River Park and lived less than 10 minutes away so it was a done deal for me. My husband was with me and it was so amazing to have him supporting me through this healthy journey. After we stretched and lined up at the starting line, my nerves began to arise. I just knew the heat would make me tap out before mile 2. Well… 42 minutes and 11 seconds later I finished the race! That was awesome because the first 5K I ran, my time was 47 minutes. For me, the two minute difference was AWESOME! It meant I was improving. Finishing that race was just the inspiration I needed to get me back in the gym.


The turn out was super amazing! There were kids and adults that attended and there was an even mixture of experience levels. A gentlemen by the name of Hobbie (I’m guessing because every shirt he took off/had on had that name on the back of it) was a super racer. He was my marker for the race! I knew that if Hobbie passed me one more time, I was running too slow. Well after passing me three times… I chose a new marker. I chose a women duo team who ended up passing me twice on my one lap. I broke up with them too and decided I was just going to pace myself because I knew my husband was going to be in my ear telling me to push harder and blah blah BLAH! I decided to try again and choose a new marker… One on MY level. So I ran next to this little girl. She was SO awesome! She ran up behind me and said “keep going, you’re almost done”… I smiled and told her that I needed her energy… Her response made me break up with her as well. She said “Oh I’m not even trying, I’m just running for fun”. See the evil in me wanted to trip her so bad but the mom in me couldn’t do anything but laugh because she was probably telling the truth! I swear kids have the stored energy that they unleash with NO effort and with NO problem. Well… as she finished her 3rd lap and I started my 3rd lap, I had a moment of clarity…


It wasn’t about how fast I was or how much training I had prior to the race, it was about finishing what I started. Between the heat and my sleep level, or lack thereof, I was ready to call it quits as soon as I got there. Well… my thrifty husband kindly reminded me that he paid for my butt to run so I had to finish the race! The feeling of finishing was amazing. The best part was seeing my husband smiling and clapping at the end of that finish line. He is NOT a morning person by any means but he was up and supporting me and that made the experience so much sweeter!


I love how family oriented and how “homey” the Jet Jones Foundation is. I felt extremely comfortable and it was fun! I can’t WAIT to run next year. Hopefully, Hobbie and my little racer can keep up with me!


Eat Pose Voyage ©- Jet Jones Foundation Eat Pose Voyage ©- Jet Jones Foundation

Eat Pose Voyage ©- Jet Jones Foundation


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