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Real Beard? On a Woman? HOW SWAY?

Real Beard? On a Woman? HOW SWAY?

Photo Source: Daily Mail

Want to know what it’s like to hear that you’re more of a man than your boyfriend? Want to hear that you won’t be able to have children because your body isn’t a team player? Well, these are a FEW of the things that you will hear when the doc tells you that you have PCOS!

If you’ve been following my blog and my story, you’d know that I have PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a crap diagnosis that simply means that your body produces too much guy germs. In doc terms, PCOS is a problem in which a woman’s hormones are out of balance. It can cause problems with your periods and make it difficult to get pregnant. PCOS also may cause unwanted changes in the way you look. If it isn’t treated, over time it can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease (Source: WebMD).


I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was in 10th grade, so it’s been a lot of years that I’ve been living with this mess. Along with my PCOS, I also struggle with depression. The purpose of Eat Pose Voyage started as my ode to happiness! I wanted to find something in my hobby bank that I loved that could blossom into my career. Then my idea of a photojournalist lifestyle was birthed and God came in and said “Nah playa, I have BIGGER plans for you”. My blog is still my cure for depression and each day I learn more and more about PCOS and silence my depression. I actually dealt with depression before I was diagnosed with PCOS. I dated this guy , who I still to this day call ‘The Perfect Man’, and I SWORE he was my husband. We planned kids names, wedding colors, a lifestyle and everything. Well… my husband happened. I have known my husband since the 9th grade and he has had a thing for me since then. Dating my ex was not his idea of winning so he sabotaged it by being his, possessive self! In short, my ex broke up with me and gave me no reason as to why. I struggled for years and I mean YEARS (I got over it two years ago… Yes, I was dating my husband then too) trying to figure out why he left. My ex is the perfect guy and I thought he was perfect for me! After reconnecting with him two years ago and finding out why he left me, and spilling my soul out, I realized that he wasn’t for me. He is perfect and I will die in my grave saying he is perfect but he isn’t perfect for ME! I struggled with that depression mess for that many years just to figure out that my husband is MY perfect match. It was great that I got to cancel depression off my list (now I am just a situational depressing person, not as bad) but NOW I still have this damn PCOS!


My amazing doctor has been steering me in the right direction for some time now! One of the things he suggested is for me to lose weight. Well… it’s easy to say ‘I can do it’ but actually doing it is TOUGH! The great benefit for me is that I found a birth control pill that actually works WITH my body. I have tried some that made me gain 20 pounds in a week but not Trinessa. After having my son, I had to get back on that pill. I endured EVERY symptom: I was nauseous and fatigued and had spotting most of the month until my cycle came. Why am I taking the pill when I want kids? Well… when I had my son I took the pill for years and stopped randomly because I forgot to take them and couldn’t catch up. I got pregnant a few months after that and didn’t realize it. The tactic was to try that route and see if we could get lucky again. It was also suggested to take the pill to regulate my cycle and get my ovulation cycle consistent. I was an only child, to a single mother growing up and I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t raise my child alone without a father or siblings in the house. I kept my word with marrying my son’s father but I haven’t been able to get pregnant again. My husband and I tried and I mean TRIED hard to have another baby and it wasn’t happening. It made me feel less than a woman knowing that I couldn’t give my husband another baby. And honestly, I still struggle with it! It’s like everyone around me is pregnant with their second child and I can’t even get my eggs to cooperate.


The reason why infertility happens when you have PCOS is because your brain isn’t connecting messages. Your body receives the sperm but your brain can’t connect the piece of the message that says “water the egg”. Because you aren’t ovulating on a set schedule, your body can’t decipher when to connect the eggs and sperm. (This is how my doctor explained it to me). The facial hair comes into play because when you have PCOS, your body produces more testosterone than estrogen. This can cause the beautiful mane similar to the videoed and pictured woman above. The sucky thing about PCOS is, it never goes away! Being pregnant temporarily stops it BUT you will resume PCOS once you have your baby… You can also have complications during pregnancy. Not all are severe (and not everyone will have complications) but things can happen! In order for me to have my son, I had to see a cancer specialist that monitored my platelets count. I had a low platelet count and that would cause me to not be able to deliver a baby. This is ANOTHER thing added to my plate. So it’s cool that I don’t have PCOS when I’m pregnant BUT my platelet count is low during pregnancy. Luckily, my count was high the unplanned day that I had my son. You CAN dormant PCOS with some cures but it’s kind of like ‘once you go black, you don’t go back’ thing… IT’S IN YOU NOW GIRL!


Why am I posting this? Because it’s important for the youth (YOU) to take hold of your health! Staying healthy by eating plant based foods (vegan/vegetarian), exercising regularly (yoga), and keeping yourself happy, prayerful and positive are just a few “cures” to PCOS. These same tools can be applied to overcoming any disease or diagnosis. Being aware of your health is important! People in their early twenties die everyday for crazy reasons! Don’t let health be the reason why you send your friends and loved ones into an emotional spiral. Take care of yourself! Be aware. If it wasn’t for my mom staying on top of my health by making appointments, I would’ve never known I had PCOS. Now that I know what I have and how to silence it, I can do what I need to do to be healthier for myself and my family!


I care about your health and you should too! Don’t have health insurance, NO PROBLEM! Obamacare is still PAWPIN and you can apply here through Marketplace: Click Here. Take care of yourself and love yourself! I’d love to see you ALIVE and healthy with a beautiful family and great life. Live happy, be peaceful, and stay healthy!


With Love,

Britnee A.