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Oregon Mother Accidentally Kills Newborn!

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Oregon Mother Accidentally Kills Newborn!

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My weekdays start out pretty standard: wake up, shower, wake up my tribe, drop my son off at school, sit in Atlanta traffic to get to my 9-5 job, be a slave at work and prepare the coffee and clean up, read the news online… I typically scroll through the news and take the dumb quizzes about horoscope fortunes and where my life will end up. Today, I saw a story that LITERALLY sent me into a rage!


Abigail Abrams from Time Magazine covered a story about an Oregon Mother who “killed” her newborn child and is suing the hospital for the death. Seeing the title made me so upset that I found myself reading the entire article with a raged heart. Well, my rage turned into fury because the contents of the article really made me think back to my experience birthing my son.


Let me explain…


According to the article The Oregon Mother is suing the hospital and the nurse for $8.6 billion for the death of her child, at the “fault” of the mother. Reports say that the newborn son was placed in the bed with the mother by hospital workers to breastfeed the baby. Due to the medication that is given to mothers after birthing their baby/babies, it is hard to stay coherent. The mother dosed off and when she woke up, the newborn was not responsive. The lawsuit states that the child suffered from severe brain damage and after being on life support for a few days, the family was told that his state was irreversible. The newborn passed at just 10 days old.


Why does this story matter to me?

I’m a MOM! And outside of that point I experienced the same thing! For the first two days that my son was alive, I don’t remember ANYTHING! I remember holding him after my C-section and everyone was around me. I then remember waking up and being in a new room with different people around me. I then remember waking up and a photographer was in my room. I have pictures of me holding my son and being sleep! It was to a point that I would be mid-conversation and fall asleep. My husband had to fill out a few forms for me because I couldn’t stay awake enough to fill them out. After that, I begged the nurses to stop giving me medication. They kept stressing to me that I needed it and I told them that I was fine and my pain tolerance was high. I mean I survived contractions while having a conversation without an epidural. My plan was to have my son naturally BUT because of his size, I had to have a C-Section which meant I had to get the needle.

In a few hours after giving birth, I was walking up and down the halls with no problem. The nurses were amazed, so much so that they took me off the pain medicine. The only time they gave it to me was when I asked for it and I received a super low dosage. After that experience, I have already decided that if God and this PCOS allow me to reproduce again I will NOT be in the hospital! I want to have an at home, water birth with a midwife. No medicine, no pain pills. I mean the nurses took my son while my husband and I were sleeping and we had NO idea until they came back in with him for feeding time. Granted, the nurses knew me and my family (my baby brother had the same delivery doctor and I met my main nurse while I was pregnant at my previous job) so it wasn’t a huge deal that they had him. It was more so the fact that I didn’t even know he was gone.


I couldn’t imagine going through what this woman went through. I mean any mother having a still birth, miscarriage, abortion, any of that I wouldn’t be able to handle it! To carry a human, birth the human, hold the human and wake up and that small, fragile human be deceased isn’t easy to cope with. I couldn’t imagine it at all and my heart goes out to the Oregon mother. This story touched me because I understand her frustration. I understand why she is taking the action that she is taking against the hospital. I thank GOD that I had family around me that were awake enough to watch me as I held my son while I was still sleeping. I wanted to feel his little heart beat so bad that I held him in my sleep. I felt AWFUL that I wasn’t able to bond with him the first two days but my dad was there and my mom and dad 2 came. My husband’s boss even came and my son was looked after at all points of the day and night. I thank God that I had attentive nurses and thorough doctors. I left that hospital knowledgeable and prepared to be a mommy.


Being a mother is tough. You never know how your baby will turn out, how they will react to you, or even what career path they will choose. But one thing is for certain, being a mother is worth it! It’s worth the tears, the pregnancy, the delivery and the years of battling with terrible twos, teen years, and college years. I honestly don’t know what I’d do with out my crazy son! He is a bundle of joy that makes my heart so happy and he makes everyone around him happy too!


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Be aware and never accept medications that you don’t want just because they are handed to you.