Oh, Sprouts! | Britnee Alphin
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Oh, Sprouts!

Eat Pose Voyage ©- Sprouts

Oh, Sprouts!


I can’t even tell you how crazy I looked walking up to this store. In my mind it was a land full of organic vegetables, vegan products, and a buffet full of fresh, hot food. GIRL BYE!

That was NOT what Sprouts had in store! The reason why I had this idea of what Sprouts would be like dates back to last year to a conversation with my mother-in-law. She told me that I would love Sprouts and how it catered to my vegetarian needs. Well I heard that whole conversation with a vain ear SO when I think of my needs I think of Whole Foods Market. In my mind Sprouts was a cheaper Whole Foods, just all vegetarian… This wasn’t Whole Foods… There was no hot buffet… And it was NOT a full blown vegetarian store… There were meat products at a butch station right near a seafood station… My whole excitement went from a level 300 to a level 2.


Now before you think this is a hate post to Sprouts, it is NOT! I loved Sprouts for what it was. I am on of those people that imagine things, tastes, and feelings before they happen and if it exceeds my expectation then great, if not… then it takes me a while to re-envision everything and reanalyze. But moving on… I loved it. I found some really awesome products and even tried some new ones out!

My brother, Aaron, is a super health nut like myself so eating with him and trying products is ALWAYS awesome! He is a lot more health conscious than I am and a lot more willing to try new things than I am BUT we make it work. He had me try this body wash and I fell in LOVE with it! It’s called Everyday Shea. I tried the Unscented Body Wash  and it made my skin feel clean without feeling like there was still residue on my skin. I then ventured off an tried another scent and purchased the Vanilla Mint Body Wash and Vanilla Mint Body Lotion. I loved the body wash but I wasn’t too much of a fan for the body lotion. I am a thick lotion kinda gal. My skin in the summer turns to a fish scale and I need something super thick and moisture packed. This lotion would great for my skin in the Winter months but not in the summer months.

Another product that I loved that Spouts had is Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap. Funny story… The first time I used this soap I was screaming at the top of my lungs! I am a super cleanser so I wash myself about 5-6 times each time I shower (no judgment zone). This is PURE PEPPERMINT soap so my little coot was on fire! My husband was laughing so hard and my son was mocking the dance movement I was doing in the shower. It was literally the most intense thing ever BUT… I loved it! That soap made my skin so super soft. My husband couldn’t keep his hands off of me…

The price on the peppermint soap is a little up there BUT I promise it is so worth it and it lasts a while! The best thing about both these products… They are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE! Side note: If you didn’t know… I have been on a mission to convert to being a full vegan and at some point a raw vegan… I am starting with using all vegan products. I mean I use vegan toothpaste, lotion, hair products, the list goes on. I am really trying to change my health for the sake of my PCOS.


Moving on… There were an INFLUX of products in that store that caught my eye. My mom grew so annoyed with me acting like I was some sheltered child who had never been in a store that she walked away from me, purchased some snacks, and ate them while I shopped. I managed to try a Yerba Mate- Lemon Elation drink. I had been trying to get my hands on some of this brand for a while and never found it outside of my visit to The Turnip Truck in Nashville. The drink was super refreshing!


All in all my experience at Sprouts was very informative and the store was super clean and neat! I mean even the sample station was neat and that is RARE in most grocery stores. If you are a health nut and haven’t been then you should definitely go! I visited the NEW Sprouts store in Tucker near Northlake Mall. Stop by and try a new product!


Happy Voyaging!