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Café + Velo, HELLO!

Café + Velo, HELLO!

Photo: Café + Velo




Let me explain…

Before my Tribe and I were uprooted from our home ( we were broke and couldn’t afford the city living lifestyle) we lived in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood in Atlanta. I mean we had the BEST city skyline view from our rooftop apartment and the best art views of the Krog Street tunnel, quick access to the Beltline and we could walk to Grady and Georgia State, as well as Sound Table and the MLK Center (I was a volunteer photographer there). We were young and our son was BARELY one years old. We moved in together two weeks before his 1st birthday. Once we moved in, life got real for us… QUICKLY! We hadn’t even truly discovered the world around us before we were evicted*.

Let’s clarify: We weren’t at the point of the apartment complex putting our things on the street. Because we had God on our side and we were two months from the end of our lease, they gave us the opportunity to pack our things and leave in 2 days before they filed us as a legal eviction that would hit our credit. They did us a generous favor (and the leasing manager was always behind on her work so her procrastination in filing the evictions worked out for us).

With the knowledge of our location, you could imagine how much we actually had around us… Like CAFE + VELO which was WALKING distance from our apartment. And I don’t mean miles I mean walk outside and make a left and BOOM, THERE IT IS distance. There lies why we were so pissed off when Google directed us back to our old stopping ground. Mind you we used to go to Mother’s (a bar) ALL the time and it was a few stores down from Café + Velo. My husband and I are COFFEE FIENDS so we were pissed that we didn’t know about that place. Hell, we would’ve fought harder to get money for our apartment if we knew that this amazing coffee spot was right there! I mean we drank coffee more than we ate! We could have NO food in the house but we ALWAYS had bulk containers of coffee and creamer (true story).

Café + Velo is a cool little spot with bike history, bike knowledge and yummy treats and drink right at your finger tips. I had this place on my ‘Food Adventure Bucket List’ for over a year. I had NO idea it was that close to me when I lived in the city. Well… we were NOT disappointed AT ALL! Chayden devoured a chocolate croissant and my husband and I enjoyed two deliciously amazing sandwiches and some good ole coffee.

My breakfast: The Schwinn Crandwich (egg + cheddar croissant sandwich) and I washed it down with a Macchiato (I am a fiend for the Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks even though I HATE caramel).  This macchiato gave me the energy I need on an every day basis. It was so rich and robust I just loved it!

Hubby’s grub: The Penny Farthing Crandwich (egg + bacon + cheddar croissant sandwich) with Cappuccino.

Check out their menu here: Click Me.

We were both extremely satisfied with this yummy breakfast. It was a quick grab but we dined in to take in the awesomeness of this hidden gem. The guys were pretty nice! There was a guest in the shop that asked about the photo of a gentlemen on the wall. I THINK the Café + Velo employee said ‘His name is Lance Armstrong. He is the arguably the best cyclist of all time’. It made me smile because I never met someone so passionate about cycling before. He said it with such confidence and with such a ‘matter of fact’ expression that I couldn’t help but to smile. The Wall of All was my favorite! The photographer in me stared at that wall the ENTIRE time I ate. It is a wall full of black & white images of different people (I love black & white portrait photography). The entire experience was amazing and I am so PISSED that it took over a year to find this well kept gem. The sandwiches were absolutely made to perfection and the coffee was to die for!

Café + Velo also offers bike rentals. You can rent a bike and enjoy a nice ride on the Beltline!

Visit Café + Velo on Edgewood Ave. You will NOT be disappointed I swear!