Pose | Britnee Alphin
Photography is one of the most important forms of expression and Eat Pose Voyage is always up for the creative adventure.
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You can tell a lot about a person’s life by the expression on their face when asked about their past. I am a people watcher. I capture memories in my mind of the people I see daily. Allow me to tell you a story about everyday humans living in the same world as you. Who knows! You may even laugh thinking about a similar story you have.

The Saxophonist

Music is more than just something to shake and grind to. It is a melody that ignites your soul and stimulates your emotions. I remember being a Elementary school girl, lugging around my alto saxophone. I didn’t appreciate the power of the brass instrument until I heard Jazz. The melodies of smooth jazz and spoken word always put me in another dimension. I love the way the notes compliment the words. Music is a feeling.

My favorite song that soothes my heart and brings me the most inner peace and joy is “Free Your Dreams” by Snarky Puppy feat. Chantae Cann. Her voice is so calming and so controlled. The saxophone hypnotizes me every time. When I go to my happy place, this is the song that plays in my head. It brings me peace. It brings me joy.