Eat | Britnee Alphin
Vegetarian and vegan eating habits don't have to be boring. Spice it up at your local restaurants or try your own recipes!
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Eating is probably one of the most important and scrutinized activities on earth. Some people eat pork, some don’t eat gluten, some only eat before a certain time, the list goes on… With all the palette possibilities, I wanted to highlight my vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Journey with me to some of Atlanta’s best vegetarian and vegan eateries.

  So Kroger has been holding out! Like SERIOUSLY holding out. Being a vegan with a non-vegan Tribe means that you have to find a trusted (inexpensive) grocery store that will meet everyone's needs. Whole Foods...

Photo: Steel City Pops- Facebook I was about to be a TOTAL dickhead and put a GIF up of IT with the red balloon but I realized that I would've lost some of yall with that...

Photo: DECATUR'S BEST LATE NIGHT SPOT! Typically when someone has an anniversary, they go to this fancy ass restaurant with their partner and they dine, drink wine, and just giggle about the year(s) of marriage that...